The best viral videos of 2017 so far...

Although we still have nearly three months of 2017 left, this year has already produced some viral videos that will be hard to top. From Salt Bae to Sean Spicer and cute kids to dogs that walk on walls, here are our favourite picks of the year so far. Want to make your own content go viral? We've got just the talk for that.


Most famous of the year, this chef has a way with salt and knives...


Go behind the scenes with Wolverine.


A video that makes you go, "How hasn't this been done before?"


Pretty accurate, we'd say.


The superior Spicer, courtesy of Saturday Night live.



This dog's apparently never seen stairs before...


Second only to #saltbae, this kid's antics made her family go viral.


One of eternity's great mysteries – what is she saying?


A weird one to go viral, but oddly satisfying to watch.


Who knew that such a pool even existed?