Missy Flynn Maven

missy flynn

Restaurateur and cocktail expert Missy Flynn is the co-founder of Rita's Bar and Dining and Quilombero. She has been working in bars and restaurants for a decade, having grown up above pubs all over London and getting a taste for the business side of food and drink from an early age. When bartending while at university, she worked in some of the best bars in the city, including Quo Vadis and Hawksmoor. After graduating with a degree in publishing, Missy moved into Hawksmoor HQ to work on launching and marketing the by-then growing group, opening their restaurants in Covent Garden and Guildhall. Missy left the security of a good job to become co-owner of the successful East London's Pop-Up Rita's Bar and Dining. She also works as a consultant for restaurants and drinks brands.

Missy last spoke at our Launch your own food business event.